Dash Camera

Dash camera comes it high-end A7 Solution and 4MP Omni Vision OV4689 image sensors, it delivers excellent day and night recording quality.It provides smooth H.264 compressed high recording quality videos. Recording resolution goes all the way up to 1296P. Image quality has been increased by 50% the resolution of 1080P. Get ready to receive a full experience on stunning images with vivid colors delivered by 4MP Omni Vision OV4689 image sensors.

The Technology

  • Dash cam comes with 6 layers of 4MP lenses, creating high luminance flux videos during both day and night.
  • Camera equipped with double-exposure merging technology. It merges 60 fps into a 30fps video resulting in a much better image quality.
  • Camera able to create the perfect luminous balance and gives incredibly high quality images with advanced 3D-DNR technology and high ISO values, you can see better at night.
  • All dash cams record in looping cycle.