Helikites are designed to lift considerable payloads to higher altitudes than is possible with any other similar sized aerostats. Helikites are classified according to how many cubic meters (cu m) of helium they hold. As a general rule, at standard, temperature and pressure, a Helikite aerostat can carry about a kilo of payload for ever two cubic meters of helium capacity. Obviously, the weight of the required length of line must be taken into account.

The Technology

  • Powerful aerodynamic uplift for extra performance.
  • No kite/ blimp -fin adjustment required. Simply slide in the spar, fill with helium and fly.
  • Unrivalled stability in high winds - especially good for directional aerials,cameras & video.
  • Few gas expansion/contraction problems due to their rounded balloon of flexible material.
  • Numerous stable attachment points for cargo.
  • Excellent ground handling system - even the largest Skyhook Helikite only needs one or two operators in any weather.