Thermal Radar

Thermal Imaging Radar is an award-winning 360 degree camera solution combining a high-performance thermal camera with an intelligent geospatial platform that provides for a state-of-the-art observation and detection solution. TIR’s patented Thermal Radar technology allows one thermal sensor to do the work of up to 20 separate thermal cameras. Using less than 6 watts of power, the TIR Thermal Radar was designed to be used in rugged and remote areas as well as high traffic urban settings. Thermal Radar becomes the ideal observation and detection solution for critical infrastructure locations and for organizations wishing to protect their interests wherever those interests may be located.​

The Technology

  • Patent pending thermal sensor technology.
  • Dual core processor allowing for more sophisticated analytics.
  • Low power and bandwidth requirements.
  • Uses only 6 watts of power.
  • 360 degree observation and detection.
  • Real time alerts of abnormalities sent via SMS, Email and pre-recorded audio messages.
  • Customizable AOI (Areas of Interest) for specific hot spots.
  • Solar and Battery powered solutions available for remote or distant locations.