Border Security

Protecting our borders from the illegal movement of weapons, drugs, contraband, and people, while promoting lawful entry and exit, is essential to homeland security, economic prosperity, and national sovereignty.

We provides complete border security solution, fiber based optical system can be buried in land or installed on fence to monitor the intruders and in vast areas deployed seismic nodes do their work complete surveillance is done by PTZ and thermal cameras which operates by the system only after getting the alert and user can see the live stream in a command and control centre in remote area.

Accurate Books and Record

  •    Fence cutting, climbing and ladder activity

  •    Personnel

  •    Vehicles

  •    Manual/mechanical digging

  •    Stealth

Facility and Site Security

Having reliable and dependable security equipment at your disposal can be a big relief nowadays, considering the constantly increasing incidents of terrorists activities in main air force station and in army camps there is need of dependable and unbreakable alarm system who can give full perimeter surveillance.

We provide complete site survey for defense premises and offers complete multilayer solution for the sites which covers the vast and full area including high alerts zones to dead zones also. We provide a bespoke end-to-end service, offering everything from site survey and threat profiling through to recommending, integrating and commissioning complex and specialist security systems.

Real-time protection for the length of your asset

  •    Point locating capabilities with 10m accuracy

  •    Provides continuous coverage

  •    Performs in challenging environments and remote locations

  •    Equipment redundancy and cut resilience options

  •    Real-time, remote reporting

Safe City

The urban environment is one of the most complex and challenging environments to protect. Municipal surveillance demands a non-intrusive solution that still addresses a wide range of security measures and threats. Our holistic approach to a "Safe & Smart City" has become the main tool for maintaining municipal security and managing operational needs.

We provides complete traffic solutions and video surveillance and tracking system by facial recognition and plot path of a vehicle on GIS map with advance C4I.

Core features

  •    Integrated traffic system covers ANPR, Speed Detection and Parking counter.

  •    Provides real time vide stream by vehicle mounted and body worn camera.

  •    Complete identification of criminal by facial recognition.

  •    Plot vehicle tracking on GIS Map.

  •    Real-time, remote reporting.

  •    A complete guard tour.