3S Sensors & Systems Technologies

3S Sensors & Systems Technologies (OPC) Private Limited is a company incorporated in India to provide solutions to Civil and Military sectors along with Homeland Security. As the Defence Sector in India witnesses an unprecedented growth, the industry is taking on bigger roles for making the nation self-reliant in Defence Production.

Through innovative research & development, continuous market studies and system assessments, 3S’s portfolio offers products and solutions in fields such as Avionics, Electronic Warfare Equipment, RADARs, Weapon System Interfaces, Homeland Security System, UAVs and Ground Support Equipment.

In collaboration with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), and engineering & technical service providers, the company offers services like Maintenance Repair & Overhaul (MRO), Training and Simulation, Technical Documentation to its customers.

  • Research & Development team members of the company continually strive to innovate new products & solutions and deliver state-of- the art systems for Defence and National Security.
  • 3S provides solutions for Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul of aircrafts, Turn Key Projects, beginning from installation to maintenance, for Security of Critical Infrastructure and many other solutions for Defence.
  • The company leverages on the core competencies of team members in high technology areas with vast back ground in design, development, manufacture and maintenance of ruggedized and precision products/ systems, compliant to rigorous certifications.

Ethical Business Practices

Ethical Business Practices are a Journey in achieving excellence in a company & to ensure highest standard of working environment to all its employees at all times.

Accurate Books and Record

  • The Company will maintain accurate accounts and records which reflect the true and fair picture of the company's affairs in compliance with accepted accounting principles and standards for financial reporting.

Bribery and Corruption

  • The Company will prohibit bribery in any form in all its business dealings and will maintain strong controls to prevent and detect improper payments.

  • The Company shall comply with anti-money laundering and terrorist financing laws and report unaccounted cash or suspicious transactions.

Fair and Equitable Treatment

  • The Company shall not unfairly discriminate on the basis of race, caste, religion, color, ancestry, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, age, nationality, ethnic origin or disability.

  • The Company shall not tolerate harassment, whether sexual, verbal, physical or psychological against any employee.

Health and Safety

  • The Company shall provide a safe, clean and healthy work environment.

Quality of Goods and Services

  • The Company shall strive to ensure that its products and services meet the legally required safety and quality standards.

Environment and Society

  • The Company shall strive to be a good corporate citizen by promoting social welfare activities, promoting sustainability and minimizing the adverse impact of company operations on the environment.